Monday, 23 April 2012

Thousands of sparkling suns

Thousands of suns sparkling,
bewildering & distracting.
captivating thoughts, like an endless entangled rings
disastrous, yet enslaving

her image amuse me, 
smiles & more
felicity of air after rain
the caress of waves against the shore.

yet, your words hammered the brittle being
the meaningless, endless, elongated
conversation of the midnight,
feels lamented and yet haunted

the sensitiveness of regret & happiness,
thousands of suns sparkling
asking and tearing- usual human recourse

This is my first attempt in writing poems. This is about our feelings when we fight/argue/break up with our loved one and thousands of mind boggling ideas comes into our mind. Most of the time, over shadow the thoughts of our happy moments of long period by just formed arguments. We forget, we are humans and we should be prepared to face both. Don't let your long time love overshadowed by some stupid ideas, or else, it never was. 

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