Monday, 23 April 2012

Thousands of sparkling suns

Thousands of suns sparkling,
bewildering & distracting.
captivating thoughts, like an endless entangled rings
disastrous, yet enslaving

her image amuse me, 
smiles & more
felicity of air after rain
the caress of waves against the shore.

yet, your words hammered the brittle being
the meaningless, endless, elongated
conversation of the midnight,
feels lamented and yet haunted

the sensitiveness of regret & happiness,
thousands of suns sparkling
asking and tearing- usual human recourse

This is my first attempt in writing poems. This is about our feelings when we fight/argue/break up with our loved one and thousands of mind boggling ideas comes into our mind. Most of the time, over shadow the thoughts of our happy moments of long period by just formed arguments. We forget, we are humans and we should be prepared to face both. Don't let your long time love overshadowed by some stupid ideas, or else, it never was. 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Diary of a lone traveller

2am, Kuala Lumpur airport at Starbucks, I feel annoyed by the person who came and sat on my table without even asking. Thin and fair complexion, small tufted beard, small eyes and loose clothes and with annoying smile he asked me “Do you mind if I can use your laptop?” I was half sleeping, yawning and bit confused now…and then two hour conversion started.

Working in Malaysia as a supervisor of worker in a construction company for two years now, and he wants to go to Belgium to find his love of live. He is alone for past 3 years and he lives on streets mostly and has a pet street dog which he is going to miss for some months now. He had an illegal entry in KL and things have not been totally fixed yet. He has a police complains registered against him for indulgence in fight. He has never been to Europe or any other countries elsewhere SE Asia. In short he was in all kinds of mess that I would say enough to give a reason for people to feel unhappy and painful about. 

“Pain is important, it makes me feel human.” he said. My mama and dad died in a bus accident. Yes, sometimes I miss them and feel alone, but not lonely. They give me strength to live more. I find no bigger reason to live every day without regrets and without complain. It makes me live more lives every day without worrying what will happen. If live is all about uncertain, which you would agree, why not to make it uncertainly happy.

I was much sad about his situation that he was. Indeed ironical. He explained me about his daily activities. He hates his Job because most of the time he has to sit and watch others work. For him, unimportant things were most important. He likes talking to people, helping the old lady at grocery shop nearby, making graffiti around abandoned walls and his pet dog. “These are some of my very important work, which people think unimportant. I grow with them and feel a rhythm in them.” I was listening. “Most important things in life are those which we consider not-important. It’s like breathing, we don’t care, but it’s vital. We care for office meetings but we fail to meet with our security guards outside; we care for salary but fail in some helping donation. We fail to understand that they are collateral.”

And why are you going to Belgium? “It is about only girl I loved. We were in Philippines and her father was working in the same office with my dad. They moved to Belgium a month before the accident. Though it took me three years to save enough but I am certain of my motives. I’ll meet her and together go to Paris.” he said. What if you could not find her? “I’ll try my best. Even if I couldn’t I’ll have a better travelling experience, chance to explore new places and I’ll have proud feeling that I always tried. Life gives you alternatives but no less.”

I was speechless. That was the first and last time I ever met him. I don’t know if he could meet his love of live. I don’t even remember his name but for me, he remained un-important person who can have some most wonderful experiences.