Monday, 3 June 2013

near Lights

when a painter paints black, it doesn't destroy other colora but preserves it within the walls of black. It leaves us to the imagination of subtle, to see us everything possible and not just what painter wanted us to see. It is open, although its been ptotected by black. It is not vision but our intuition that keeps us looking.

And our shadows, that never leaves us. It is what that defines us. Beauty is perception but our shadows leaves us in a perfect notion of reality about itself. All shadows are same, and so we have to see deep within to distinguish a person, which is real self. Black is philosophical identifier, it is a muse of an intelligentsia.
It is the color of vaccuum and also the color of universe. Black hole can stop time and leaves you bewildering in timeless imagination. Deep tunnel tests the stand of hope against time. It is the color in absence of all the color. And when you realize it is most unbiased color that dissolves all the color and , I go and light a small candle and light of that can tear apart the darkness raging from thousands of years in the jungle.