Sunday, 9 October 2011

Live,Laugh,Love : Natural Expressions of our faces!

I was testing camera of my friend and trying my hands on her Nikon 26X zoom. Then I decided to take some faces with natural expression without letting them know. I cliked on uncountable photos and later found out that actually the faces with natural expressions when clicked unknowingly looks much better than trying-hard-to-look-better faces. The Clicks were amazing and then weekend of course!
My favorite out of all is the photo below (unedited, i'll edit later...) Hope You like it!

Father and Daughter is very different kind of affection. Father is always looking for his daughter to grow like him while a daughter always tries to find a love of a mother and between these two lies a Pure care and love for each other. Sometimes, we just need not express, we need to feel,laugh,love and live. Cherish every moments! 

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Nasir said...

Beautiful...!! :)